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DBE Teacher Development Resources

dbe policy framework A comprehensive selection of the DBE's policy documents concerning general topics like the National Development Plan as well as concerning specific teacher development topics like The Guidelines for Teacher Training and Professional Development in ICT. 
Intel Teach Teacher Centres provide essential support to teachers, principals and subject advisors and contribute to the improvement of learning outcomes. The Teacher Centre Management Training is designed to assist management in building functional Teacher Centres.
sace The Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) Management System is a system for recognising all useful teacher development activities. The relevant Educators Guides, Guidelines and Templates can be found here.


Other Teacher Development Resources

Intel Teach The Intel Teach Program is research-proven professional development designed to train teachers to integrate ICT into the classroom and educate students using 21st century learning concepts.
Intel Teach The Expert Educator series are part of the Macmillan Teacher Campus. The Expert Educator series will expand teachers' knowledge and skills, and give them valuable tools and tips to apply in their classrooms, ensuring the development of their professional expertise.
Microsoft landing image Microsoft in Education provides a wide range of ICT Skills resources for teachers and principals and includes Office 365 for Education, Innovation Workshop and access to the Microsoft Educator Network.
mindset large 1 Mindset Learn supports learners and teachers in formal schooling with a focus on Grades 10, 11 and 12 and the Maths, Sciences, Social Sciences and Finance clusters of subjects.