Teacher Centres

limpopo eduThe Vodacom equipped and connected Teacher Centres in Limpopo

  1. Giyani Science Centre, Mopani
  2. Mastec Institute, Capricorn
  3. Mokopane Teacher Centre, Waterberg
  4. Phokoane Teacher Centre, Sekhukhune
  5. Shingwedzi Teacher Centre, Vhembe
  6. Tivumbeni CPD Centre, Mopani
  7. Vhembe Teacher Centre, Vhembe
  8. Waterberg ICT Centre, Waterberg

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National Core ICT Training Team (NCTT)

Limpopo ICT Core trainersThe Limpopo ICT Core trainers expose teachers to the online educational programmes like the Vodacom Digital Classroom, Mindset, Maths and Science and others and register the teachers to these educational portals. They assist teachers to sign up to SACE as well as help them to upload their CPTD points. In addition they train teachers or offer in-service training in Maths, Science and commercial subjects. 

School Managers are trained on the ICT for Managers programme. Other training programmes offered include the Sizanani programme, Easy Steps, Basic ICT Skills and APTIS Testing.

The Limpopo centres are the hubs for all these activities in addition to serving as marking centres for grade 12 final examinations, departmental and other meetings.



Giyani Science Centre, Mopani 

Contact the centre

Stadium Road
Giyane Location


Mastec Institute, Capricorn

Contact the centre

Mastec Institute (Former Kwena Moloto College)
3838 Zone 2


Mokopane Teacher Centre, Waterberg 

About the centre

MokopaneOur centre is situated in Mahwelereng, a township in Limpopo Province, South Africa. It is about 2 km from the town of Mokopane, formerly known as Potgietersrus in Mogalakwena local municipality.

The centre is at Mokopane Education Multipurpose Centre (EMPC), the former College of Education. We are housed in the same premises with Mogalakwena Education District Office which is part of the Waterberg Education District Office and Waterberg FET College.

Mogalakwena district serves 9 circuits offices namely Baltimore, Bakenberg North, Bakenberg South, Mahwelereng, Mapela, Matlalane. Mogalakwena, Mokopane and Potgietersrus with a total of 219 schools (105 high schools and 114 primary schools). Out of the 219 schools only 30 can access the centre. Most of the schools are situated in the far rural areas.

Our vision:
Educational transformation through technology.

Our mission:
To contribute to the provision of quality teaching and learning in Mogalakwena by inspiring and empowering the teachers through technology.

Equipment in the centre consists of laptops, a digital projector and a printer.

Provide training on:

  • Basic end user computing skills. [Microsoft Office]
  • The use of internet and searching of information.
  • E- Communication (the use of e-mails and social media for sharing information).
  • Integration of ICT into teaching and learning
  • Subject specific integration of ICT into teaching and learning


Provide access to internet daily to principals, teachers, district officials, FET staff members, UNISA students, AET practioners and community members, most of whom are unemployed matriculants. 

Download video content for all grades in Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Accounting and other subjects from Mind-set, Vodacom Digital Classroom and You-Tube and distribute them with the help of Subject Advisors to schools that are situated far from the center and cannot access the center easily

Other activities

  • CPTD on-line sign-up
  • Assist with on-line applications to institutions of higher learning
  • NGO conduct workshops


Management of the centre
SES Computer Applications Technology and Economic and Management Sciences:
Masuku Constance
Interns from the Basotho IT group:
Shiburi Peter
Masoga Milton
Maluleka Kamogelo
Chepape Mmanoko


Opening hours

Monday to Friday 7h30 to 16h30


 Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers Email adresses

805 Rufus Seakamela Street

Private bag x 601
Mahwelereng 0626

Mahlase N.P
079 510 4017

Masuku C.M
082 621 6426

Phone: 015 483 7572
Fax: 086 602 6249



Phokoane Teacher Centre, Sekhukhune

About the centre

Phokoane centreThe purpose of the centre is provide support for academic excellence and curriculum delivery.

The centre offers a computer lab with 30 laptops, 1 projector, Internet connection, white board, E-beam and a Mindset TV set.
The centre accommodates 30 people and serves 500+ schools around the whole district of Sekhukhune.

Services rendered:

  1. Training of SMT on Basic ICT
  2. The centre is used as the venue for meetings and workshops
  3. Training Educator on Using Internet and Other Educational Sites like Thutong portal, Digitalclassroom.
  4. Training Educator on integration of ICT in the Classroom and administration management of the school using SA-SAMS
  5. Training Community about Computer Literacy
  6. Internet Café for Government employees and Community


Opening hours

Monday to Friday 08h00 - 16h00. We close on weekends and Public Holidays.


Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers Email address
10272 Phokoane Circuit Office
Mmakoshala section
Phokoane Village (next to Nebo Police Station)
Nebo 1059
 Mokabane Thapelo - centre manager
072 289 0640



 Shingwedzi Teacher Centre, Vhembe

About the centre

ShingwedziThe Shingwedzi Teacher Development Centre can be found in Vhembe District Office of Education, Limpopo Province. It is situated in Madonsi, Boltman B, Malamulele (Thulamela Municipality).

It operates specifically to transform teaching and learning in Malamulele Cluster, which consists of five circuit offices, viz.: Malamulele Central, Malamulele East, Malamulele North-East, Malamulele West and Vhumbedzi. Each circuit has an average of 10 secondary schools and 12 primary schools.

It also serves the community and local students for computer literacy. The centre started operating in July 2014 and was established to augment what is done at Makhado Vodacom ICT Resource Centre. The centre manager is Mrs Mugivhi T.G. who also acts as trainer.


The Centre offers the following programmes:

  • ICT Essential Literacy Skills
  • Microsoft Partners in Learning Teacher Professional Developer
  • Out of school Youth within the Centre Community
  • Sizanani ICT Skills for community
  • Thutong Portal & Vodacom Digital Classroom
  • Provides venue for various subjects cluster meetings


Opening hours

The centre operates from 08h00 to 16h00 from Monday to Friday. It is closed during the weekend. It operates during the holidays for teacher development and student training. It sometimes opens on Saturdays when there are specific training programmes.


Contact the centre 

Physical address Phone numbers  Email address
Shingwedzi EMPC
Madonsi Boltman B
Malamulele 0982

Mrs Mugivh T.G.
082 202 0300
082 953 4854

Hobyane K.L. (Receptionist EMPC)
083 758 8751



Tivumbeni CPD Centre, Mopani

About the centre

The centre lies in the Eastern part of Limpopo, next to Letaba River. It is next to Nkowankowa Township, on the eastern part of the campus is Dan Village. The centre is 15km from Tzaneen Town, 6km from the biggest citrus farm in South Africa namely Letaba Estates where they produce Minute Maid juices. It is central to most schools and their circuits, it is presently housing three circuits.

The centre has already served the following circuits: Nkowankowa Circuit, Mafarana Circuit, Xihoko Circuit and N’wanedzi Circuit. It is presently in the pipeline to invite Khujwana, Thabina, and Shiluvani circuits. The centre also serves the MASTEC programmes. Some students from UNISA come to be assisted with downloading programmes and online registration. Some are helped with downloading registration forms of various institutions; even sports people like Road Runners do come for assistance to register for their races like Comrades, Two Oceans and others.

Teachers are invited to come and create email addresses, access Mindset educational programmes, Maths and Science Programmes, Vodacom Digital Classrooms etc. Some teachers at the same time are assisted with Basic ICT skills when they visit the centre. The Vodacom Teacher centre is presently managed by Machechise Cohen Shipalana Senior Education Specialist under the auspices of Mushwana Elon who manages the whole Tivumbeni institution.

Tivumbeni Continuous Professional Education Centre is geared for greater heights to enhance teaching and learning using technology. The centre is gradually growing up from its initial teething problems like lacking Internet, poor connectivity, malfunctioning of Wi-Fi. Coupled with its sister CPDs Makhado, MASTEC, Giyani Science Centre etc. provide strategic leadership in research, design and implementation of training and development of languages and Mathematics programmes within the satellite.


Opening hours

Monday to Friday 7h30 - 16h30. 


Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers Email addresses
1729 Bankuna Road
Nkowankowa A
Letaba 0870
Shipalana MC
082 786 3371
082 409 4881



Vhembe Teacher Centre, Vhembe 

About the centre

internet cafeThe Vhembe District Centre lies 40 kilometres from the town of Louis Trichardt in the Makhado District Municipality of Limpopo. Operating in the premises of the Makhado Continuous Professional Education Centre, the facility serves schools in the Vhembe District’s 27 Circuits Offices.

Some of the schools are in deep rural areas that are characterised by widespread poverty and unemployment.
Education in these conditions is difficult, particularly in the crucial subjects of Maths, Science and Technology. The centre offers the potential for bridging the digital divide and improving the quality of education in these under-resourced regions.

The centre has an ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) centre donated by Vodacom which has the following facilities:

  • An ICT training room that has 34 laptops stored in a trolley and a data projector.
  • An Internet café that has 16 desktops, bookshelf and a printer
  • A Mindset room with a TV and server for Mindset Learn programmes 


Programmes offered by the centre include:

  • Basic ABET Literacy Skills
  • Career Guidance
  • Maths and Science Camps during school holiday.
  • Teacher Professional Development /Curriculum Support workshops for educators
  • In-service training for Commercial subjects educators for the whole province.
  • ICT programmes for educators and principals with partners Schoolnet SA, Cisco and Vodacom:
    • Getting Started
    • Microsoft Partners in Learning (PIL)
    • CASME
    • TARMIIfp
    • ICT Leadership for school managers
  • ICT programmes for Out of school Youth
    • Sizanani ICT skills
    • IT Essentials
    • Easy Steps
    • Delphi Programming

The centre provides venues for Grade 12 NSC Supplementary exams, Provincial and National Teaching Awards meetings, District Management Team meetings, Subject Cluster meetings, CASS Moderation, In-Service training, Curriculum support meetings and Church functions.


Management of the centre
Dr Ramakhanya E.T.H: Centre Manager (CES)
Mr Moshope R.T.M: Commerce (DCES)
Mr Hlungwani M.S: Commerce
Mr Netsianda A: ICT Coordinator (ES)


Opening hours

The centre operates from 8h00 to 16h00 during weekdays, including school holidays, and is open on Saturdays when there are workshops.


Contact the centre

Physical address Phone numbers Email address
Nzhelele Village
Dzanani Limpopo

Tel: 015 970 4041
Fax: 015 970 4009

Dr Ramakhanya E.T.H
082 202 0259

Mr Netsianda A
076 515 4366


Directions to the centre
Driving north on the N1 in the direction of Musina, turn right after the second Hendrik Verwoerd tunnel. Drive a few metres and turn right just before the shopping mall. Proceed to the next stop sign, turn right, drive to the next stop sign and turn right again. The centre is at the end of the road.



Waterberg ICT Centre, Waterberg

 Contact the centre

OTK Building
84 Limpopo Drive
Modimolle 0510